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What does a client want when seeking storytelling solutions? Based on my experience assisting speakers, I discovered that while it’s undeniable that no one knows what to tell better than they do, they struggle to determine how to tell it. Defining the concept, and elucidating who will be addressed and why so as to come up with an engaging script and presentation are tasks that I’m passionate about. By achieving all of this, the reach of every message is multiplied tenfold and people are brought together by fascinating projects.

“Julia and I connected from the very beginning. She is a keen observer who always succeeds at materializing messages in the most effective way, and what’s best, she always does it from a place genuine dedication”

Valeria MazzaSupermodel & Businesswoman

Some of the keynote speakers that I joined in their journey towards creating new stories and reaching new audiences are:

  • Valeria Mazza (Argentine supermodel and businesswoman)
  • Eduardo Gauna de la Torre (VP of Sales of Argentina at SamyRoad)
  • Luciana Salazar (VP of Programmatic Latin America and Women to Watch Winner)
  • Todd Tran (Chief Strategy Officer at Teads)
  • Verónica Bassi Cascallar (Sr. Director Marketing & Commercialization Southern Cluster at SC Johnson + Women to Watch Winner)

“One of her greatest assets is her deep understanding of the technical complexities of the digital ecosystem. Thanks to this, she is able to detect and translate key messages in a simple, creative and meaningful way.”

Luciana Salazar(VP of programmatic Latinoamérica) - Woman to Watch 2017

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